How To Construct A Great Walk-In Closet

For you ladies out there, I am pretty sure most of you would dream of having a walk-in closet in your own home. Walk-in closets are different from regular closets—Regular closets often hold only clothes and perhaps a shoe or two. The closets are often in rooms and may be situated beside the bookshelf. An individual opens the cabinet or closet and then proceeds to choose a shirt. On the contrary, walk-in closets are a lot more spacious, have dedicated lighting, mirrors, a sofa or a few cushion seats and hold a lot more space for both clothes and shoes. While you may have the budget to build a walk-in closet, it is beneficial that you know how to optimize your spending and design preferences. Here are some tips on what you have to take note to construct a great walk-in closet!

Amount of space taken up by clothes and shoes

It is common for the affluent and wealthy females to have a big collection of clothes—sometimes up to a thousand pieces! Therefore, when given the chance to build a walk-in closet, most women tend to allocate too much space for their shoes and clothes only, and leave too little space for cushion seats and mirrors before realizing it is too late. There needs to be a balance and you should ensure that you have enough space for your mirrors, seats and some leeway for a woman to have a test walk around the closet in her pair of new shoes comfortably.

The lighting

Some home owners repurpose their storeroom or a guestroom into a walk-in closet. In doing so, the lighting for these rooms may not be as strong or as bright as preferred. Therefore, ensure the lighting is properly refurnished and strong enough. Do settle the lighting issues first before shifting in the closets and cabinets. This is to ensure that you can get a comfortable viewing experience and not struggle to see what you are wearing.

The cabinets and hangers

Try not to deadbolt or affix the cabinets to the walls as you will never know when you need to remove the cabinet to make way for more items or fixtures.  Removal of something that is bolted to the wall will be time consuming and unappealing. If possible, make the cabinets, hangers and poles easy to replace, shift and move.