Building a Flat Roof Extension – Should I add a Skylight?

If you are in the business of building extensions, you’ll understand how important it is to offer your clients various choices in terms of design and functionality. When it comes to developing plans for flat roof extensions, most people would not necessarily immediately think of attempting to install a skylight, but it can be a beautiful addition to any flat roof extension, adding considerable value to a property in terms of both a monetary value, and adding to the enjoyment and life experience of those who live at that property. There are quite a few benefits to adding a skylight to a flat roof extension, and this should help you to persuade your clients in that direction if you think it would be beneficial to the project.

The most obvious advantage to adding a skylight to a flat roof extension is that it brings in an incredible amount of natural light every single day. There will always be a need for artificial light, especially in a country like ours where the weather is usually grey, and the nights are dark. This is why it is so important to add as much natural light as possible during the daylight hours. Natural light helps to improve moods and mental health, helps people to sleep better and to have greater energy.

Added to this, receiving greater levels of natural light in the home also helps to lower energy consumption, as it will not be as likely that the artificial lights are turned on as early as they would in a flat roof extension that didn’t have a skylight installed. In a world where we all have to be responsible in lowering our energy consumption, this is a fantastic, and easy way to start.

A skylight on a flat roof extension also helps to bring fresh airflow and proper ventilation into the home. Bad air can easily flow out of the home, and fresh, clean air can come in. With higher levels of natural light and clean airflow, the extension is also far less likely to suffer from mould and other forms of structural damage.

On a purely aesthetic level, the addition of a skylight to a flat roof extension adds artistry and design value to a new room and the overall feel of a property. It offers flexibility, in that you can draw the blinds for privacy and still receive natural light from above, and adds to the value of the property should it be put up for sale in the future.

Suppliers of skylights and roof lanterns understand the ins and outs of perfectly complementing a wide range of circumstances and designs. A skylight might not be your first thought when working on the plans for a flat roof extension, but as you can see, it can have a massive benefit and add huge advantages to any property or extension project. Look for skylight suppliers that offer you expert advice and guidance, can provide installation tips and deliver easily to your location. It will help you to build a strong reputation when working with future clients on flat roof extensions.