Between Latex Paints And Water Based Paints, Which Should You Go For?

Prior to beginning on a painting job, start by deciding on whether to go with water based paint or with latex paint. But which between the two is best suited for your requirements? Or which is best suited for exterior painting? Which is the best paint for painting over surfaces that have previously been painted? Well, read on to find out.

Water based paints

Water based paints certainly have a number of benefits over latex paints. To start with, this paint type dries faster than latex based varieties. Apart from this, stroke marks do not show as conspicuously as with oil- based varieties. It is much easier to clear from a surface compared to oil based paints.  Best of all water based paints do not fill a room with strong odors like oil-based type of paints.

Oil-based paints

If the surface you are planning to coat had previously been coated with a latex paint, then it is recommended that you have it repainted with a similar variety. Why, you might ask. Well, latex-based paints are more inclined to contractions and expansions that are brought about by climatic changes than water paints. So if you are planning to use a water based type of paint to coat a latex painted surface, then there is a danger of the undercoating flaking beneath the newly painted exterior.

All the same, latex exterior paints are better suited for exterior surfaces that have never been painted before. Better still, oil-based paints stick better through various climatic changes.  Last but not least, latex or oil-based paints are better suited for outdoor surface painting compared to water-based paints.

The utilization of several coats of latex paints actually protects the surface much better. But before commencement of a painting undertaking, test a small area with the settled for latex paint. Wait for the paint to dry. If no peeling is discovered, then continue with the full painting undertaking.  The paint type to settle for depends on what you are looking for. All in all, go for a type that truly meets your personal preferences or tastes.