Basics Of Dryer Vent Maintenance: Check Important Facts Here!

It is absolutely stupid to use a dryer without a vent system in place. The accumulation of lint poses the risk of fire hazards, especially with older dryers. If your home already has a vent system for the dryer, it is equally important to spend on maintenance and regular cleanup. The presence of water in dryer vent, for instance, can lead to a mold problem, which can lead to various health issues for the occupants of the house.

On the internet, you may find a bunch of tips and guides on maintenance of dryer vent systems, but this is a job that is best left to experts. In this post, we are discussing some of the basic things worth knowing about dryer vent maintenance.

Why spend on professional dryer vent cleaning?

Just using a lint trap for your dryer is not enough to keep the vents clean. You have to periodically clean the vents, to get rid of lint and debris. The obvious reason to spend on professional dryer vent cleaning is safety. You don’t want to have potential risks related to fire. Compared to the losses, the cost of hiring a company for regular dryer vent cleaning is way lesser. Not to forget, professionals know their job, they have the necessary tools, equipment and products, and can handle all kinds of dryer vent systems effectively. You can expect your dryer to run more efficiently for years to come, with maintained vents. Repairing the dryer, on the other hand, can cost huge, especially if the fault is triggered by the vent system.

What is the cleaning like?

Most professional companies will send in their experts to check and review the condition of your dryer vent system, and based on that, they will offer an estimate. If you agree to that, the workers will disconnect the hose from the vent and clean vents entirely to remove all debris, lint and built-up. As required, they will also replace filters and check if there are any other signs of damage to the dryer. In some cases, if the dryer is too old, the hose may need replacement, for which you can expect an additional estimate.

Check online now to find the best dryer vent cleaning services in your area and ask for an appointment. It is best to go for a yearly contract, so that you don’t have to bother looking for vent problems.