5 Most Popular Window Tints For Homes

Have you ever lived in a neighborhood where people hardly mind their own business? Where the guy next door always wants to peep just to find out what you are having for dinner or who you are talking to? No doubt you have. In fact, the neighbor could be one of the main reasons ditched that neighborhood. You solved the problem alright. But what would happen if you get another neighbor of the same caliber or even worse?  Would you move again? No need to. Simply consider the following types of window tint for homes.

Dyed and colored tints

They both absorb heat rather than deflecting it. Colored ones are considered trendy, so go for them if you want to maintain privacy with a little bit of sophistication. Dyed ones on the other hand are more ideal for cars than they are for homes.


Nickel, aluminum and copper are just but some of the most common metals infused into metalized tints on an atomic level. The tints are mainly used in business and homes as they guarantee utmost privacy. They also deflect harmful UV rays and heat. As an icing to the cake, they also decrease sun damage to furniture.


They also use metals – mainly nickel and aluminum. There isn’t a wide range of  metal choices for this type of tint as it is designed for heat reduction. This does not mean in any way that it cannot guarantee you privacy.


Hybrid tints blend absorptive and heat reduction qualities of metalized and colored tint films. That explains why they feature lighter tints. Make no mistake about the light tints. They still deflect heat.


They are manufactured using cutting edge technology. That is in fact why they are extremely expensive. Apart from protecting your windows from inclement weather conditions, they also strengthen glass.