4 Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying Used Kitchen Equipment

Times are tough. It’s almost as if everything comes with an expensive price tag. You probably know this much better if you run a restaurant. Why so? No kitchen equipment comes cheap. It gets worse with the fact that you have to consider a complete overhaul after the equipment wear out. Fortunately, you don’t have to invest heavily on new equipment. Simply go for used kitchen equipment. But before then, consider the following tips.

Past performance

Delve into the performance history of the equipment you want to buy. Not because you don’t trust the equipment you wish to buy but just to ensure that the equipment is not up for sale on account of malfunction. Think about it, a used convention oven may have been removed from a restaurant because it was a fire hazard. That is not wall, walk in freezers may have caused regular power outages because of overheating. You certainly don’t want such substandard equipment. Only doing a background check on the past performance of your desired used equipment will come to your rescue.

Know the seller

How fairly acquainted are you with the seller? You may not know it, but sharing a comfortable rapport with him or her makes a big difference. You stand a big chance of deriving a fair deal from a seller you know compared to the one you know nothing about. Do keep in mind however that rapport alone cannot guarantee you a good deal. If anything, the seller may want to take advantage of your good rapport with him or her and offer you a raw deal.

Span of usage

Investing in used equipment, in the remotest of sense must not in any way be a matter of compromise. You have to be convinced beyond doubt that the equipment will meet and surpass your expectations. That is why having a technician with you at the auction is a smart idea. The technician will point out all the pitfalls you have to avoid, like buying a really old equipment.


Everyone knows that when it comes to kitchen equipment, some brands are better than others. They simply last for longer! On that note, go for the best brands. Keep off any brand you know nothing about.