3 Areas That Can Be Hyped Up In Custom Homes

The very basis of customization is to give yourself complete control over the design and preferences of your home. While the bathroom, family room or even the bedrooms are talked about relentlessly, many people forget to take in to account some interesting areas that have just as much of a design potential. Here are 3 interesting areas to consider refining in your custom homes.

Built in library for crazy spaces

Most homes have built-in bookcases in either the den or the family room. The advantage to having a custom built home is that you can decide which space is ideal to plan your small world away from the world. So choose to design built-in bookshelves beneath the serving bar or even under the half wall in dividing the kitchen and the living area. Make sure to incorporate framed alcoves at the places earmarked for these bookcases and later on design, the cases to measurement before setting them in. you can also choose to decorate a long hall or corridor by converting it into a designer walk-through library.

Design a luxuriant walk-in closet space

Why settle for vanilla closet space when you can jazz it up with interesting design ideas and turn in to a true luxury. To begin with, separate the closet in to his and her space. This can be done with the help of thematic designing. Further, on, design windows in your closet space to bring in natural light and good ventilation. You can also build in customized shelving around the window so you do not waste any space. You can also add in built in seating within the closet space.

Tile backsplash ideas for your kitchen counter space

Tile backsplash can bring in the designer element to your kitchen while making it easier to clean. You can use subway tiles or metallic texture and accent tiles to bring out various designs. You can also use muted tile backsplash to highlight the kitchen cabinetry in your custom home.